Shoeless Joe's Redesign Concept


Original Website Redesigned Website Shoeless Joe’s is a Sports Cafe in Fort Meyers, FL with a theme centered around the famous professional baseball player Joe Jackson. I created a redesign concept of the original website that showcases the famous player, along with a reorganized sidebar menu and footer, while maintaining branding and brand colors.


One of the first academic web design projects I had built was a redesigned homepage for the company South Central Power. I was given a wireframe of the desired page layout as well as a logo to use for the project. Original Homepage Redesigned Homepage As part of this project I also created tablet and mobile layouts …

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Allergen Assistant App

This is a assistant app that I designed as part of my Interaction Design classes in college. The idea behind this application mock-up was to create an application that a person with a specific need could use on a daily basis, or if they were in crisis. The Food Allergy Assistant could be used in …


Shopping Cart Application

This application was built using Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and Bootstrap. It lets users create an account, browse categories of products and add them to a shopping cart from which they can submit an order. An administrator can log in to the Admin side of the application and edit or delete products, change prices, create new …

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HTML Canvas Drawing App

This web application was built using HTML Canvas, CSS and JavaScript. It is a simple web app I built as a way to learn how to use Canvas and understand how it works Play with the Application